Holiday Shop Success: Leveraging Trends to Maximize Cyber Week Sales

Etsy Holiday Workshops

Oct 16, 2023, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Get inside tips and inspiration to maximize sales this holiday season. Join Etsy’s trend expert Dayna Isom-Johnson and Etsy Design Award winner Candice Luter to learn how to incorporate trends into your holiday marketing plans in time for Cyber Week. Due to technical issues during the event, we're unable to share a replay of the livestream. However, we will share highlights of this event soon.


About this event

Due to technical issues during the live event, we cannot share a live stream replay. However, Here’s a recap of the highlights!

2021 Etsy Design Award Winner, Candice Luter and Etsy’s Resident trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson dialed in to discuss insights and tips about how to leverage current trends and seasonality to boost your shop’s visibility.

Holiday trend top of mind for buyers, this holiday season:

  • Fun and festive decor trends like cozy kitsch, eclectic table settings, and faux food are popular as shoppers embrace nostalgic charm.
  • Check out style trends like Grandpa Chic, which embraces layered textures, trendy tartan, and warm earth tones.
  • Don’t miss gifting trends like practical presents and hyper-personalized gifts for shoppers looking for something that is both useful and thoughtful for the folks on their lists.

Read Marketplace Insights: 2023 Holiday Trends for more of the latest trends.

Holiday optimization tips from Dayna and Candice:

  • Try experimenting with different backgrounds, props, and staging to give your product photos, shop banner, and social media posts a trendy holiday makeover.
  • Include seasonally relevant top-searched terms in your tags, titles, and descriptions.

Key dates to keep in mind:

  • Holiday decor shopping typically picks up in early November, followed by a shift in focus to gift shopping immediately after Thanksgiving (in the US). Some other occasions to consider:
  • Etsy’s Early Holiday Sales Event: To participate, schedule a sale of 25% off or more between October 23 and November 19 for the chance to have your items featured. You can pick the listings you want included in your sale, or run a sale in your whole shop.
  • Etsy’s Cyber Week Sales Event: If you're looking to capture Cyber Week traffic, offer a discount of 25% off or more between November 20—29 and your items may be featured during the sale!

FAQs from our Q&A:

Q: Am I still able to participate in Cyber if I have a 20% (or less) sale?

A: Yes! Any discount amount will allow you to participate in the sale, but we recommend setting your sale at 25% or more to increase the likelihood that your discount will lead to a purchase. Keep in mind that in order to be eligible to be featured across Etsy’s marketing channels your sale needs to be for a discount of 25% or more.

Q: How long do I have to keep the sale running? Can I pause the sale at any time?

A: We encourage you to keep your sale running from October 23rd through November 29th. You’re welcome to end your sale early, but remember, you may miss out on some great holiday traffic!

Q: How do you select which items/shops are featured?

The noteworthy qualities that our Merchandising team look for in a featured shop include:

  • Great photography
  • Unique items for sale
  • A well-crafted story (which includes an About section)
  • A well-developed brand

By having any or all of these areas covered, you can increase your chances of being discovered for an upcoming feature. Tips for Getting Featured on Etsy has more advice.

Q: Where can I learn more about the latest trends and how to incorporate them into my shop?

A: You’ll find marketplace insights reports in our Seller Handbook! Check out Marketplace Insights: 2023 Holiday Trends to learn about the festive themes we anticipate will be holiday hits, based on historical Etsy search data and industry forecasting. The Etsy Forums is another great place to learn about the latest trends and how other sellers are embracing them in their shops. Don’t miss Etsy Insight: Put a bow on it!

Q: What are some popular trends in holiday home decor and styling?

A: Cozy kitsch and eclectic, mix-and-match table settings are popular this season. Think, lots of layering and “rural chic” gingham patterns. “Mantelscapes” are also popular with shoppers looking to display their unique collections of small items. 


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